Spring 2015 at Koyama Press brings metaphysical men in tights, the return of bad-boy blobs, the weaponization of cute through art, and fun and philosophizing diary comics. It is a diverse and variegated variety of comics and art—just the way we like it!

ISBN: 978-1-927668-16-0
6 ½ x 10, 172 pages, b&w, trade paper
April 2015

Sci-fi superheroes eschew Gotham and Metropolis in favor of nightmarish neoclassical ruins in this surreal strip.

A. Degen has taken the superhero myth and put it in a baroque blender; the result is the cerebral, sensuous and uncanny Mighty Star and the Castle of the Cancatervater. Equal parts Dalí and Astro Boy, Degen’s mostly silent narrative is both metaphysical and mighty.

A. DEGEN was born in Brooklyn, New York. After a time in Tokyo, he now lives and works Connecticut. He is the author of the books Area CC (Snakebomb, 2011) and Soft X- Ray/Mindhunters (Astroplus/Futureshock, 2013), and his work has appeared in a number of anthologies.

“A. Degen is one of the smartest and funniest cartoonists in the game. Every page in the book is filled with about two dozen triumphs and upsets in humor, design, pacing … A real pleasure to pore over.” — Michael DeForge, author of A Body Beneath (Koyama Press, 2014), Ant Colony (Drawn and Quarterly, 2013), and many more

ISBN: 978-1-927668-20-7
5 ½ x 8 ½, 52 pages, color, trade paper
May 2015

Imagine The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as pot-smoking punks.

The Blobby Boys are back and they’ve got acid tongues and acid on their tongues. The salacious and slimy Saturday Morning cast-offs haven’t lost an iota of edge. In fact, the only thing sharper than the comedy in this book just might be the boys’ switchblades.

ALEX SCHUBERT was born in Mascoutah, IL and is based In Los Angeles, CA where he works in illustration and animation. In 2014, the first collection of Blobby Boys was awarded a Silver Medal in the Long Form and Comic Strip category of The Society of Illustrators first Comic and Cartoon Art Annual.

“Alex Schubert’s collection of bold, bizarre comics is short, sharp and shocking — not unlike a quick stabbing.” — Jake Austen, Chicago Tribune

ISBN: 978-1-927668-15-3
6 x 7 ½, 200 pages, color, trade paper
May 2015

A colorful celebration of cartoons, creativity and the culture of cute.

Confetti, like its namesake, is a fun and explosive mix of color from the fertile mind of multidisciplinary artist Ginette Lapalme. In comics, paintings, prints, sculpture, and jewelry, Lapalme uses cartoons and junk culture as raw material to make “cute” subversive and “pretty” punk.

GINETTE LAPALME is a Toronto-based illustrator and artist. Lapalme is a graduate of the storied OCADU Illustration program, and is one third of Wowee Zonk, a Toronto-based illustrator collective and contemporary comic book anthology.

“It is a goal of mine to live alone in a big house surrounded by the work of Ginette Lapalme, kind of like a cat lady, but with drawings of cats instead of real cats … Utterly delightful but never too cute, the world Lapalme has created leaves me more attuned to the perverse beauty of the one around us.” — Tavi Gevinson, founder and editor of Rookie

ISBN: 978-1-927668-17-7
5 x 6 ½, 236 pages, b&w, trade paper
May 2015

Comic and tragicomic, heartfelt and heartbreaking; these are the panels that make up a life.

Since 2010, Dustin Harbin has been sporadically documenting the ups and downs and sideways of his life in comic form. From their humble beginnings as a sketchbook exercise documenting the quotidian, oftentimes with hilarious results, Harbin’s Diary Comics have grown into quirky existential examinations of life and living.

DUSTIN HARBIN is a cartoonist and illustrator who lives and works in North Carolina. He’s best known for his autobiographical comics, as well as many, many illustrations of people and animals, often mixed and matched.

“Dustin’s willingness to push himself in these comics makes them special, opening his mind and life to the audience he’s meant to connect to, taking what is at times the character of himself and revealing the man. That’s always the best part of autobio comics, an ability to confront something true.” — Kate Beaton, author of Hark! A Vagrant

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Piper Laurie, inspired by the tobygoodshank album


In celebration of A Degen’s JUNIOR DETECTIVE FILES and tmmrw/todays impending comics release party, i made some fan art.

SAT SEPT 20th Special Guest adactivity will have copies of JDF published by Sonatina at the Bergen St Comics Fantagraphics Family Tour

See ya there


Here are some panels
remote viewing

out of context might not make sense

look at it large because tumblr preview makes it look bad


Might as well crosspost this horrible thing to tumblr,



I’ve been making these zines for a little over a year now. Here’s #4. I brought 80 copies to SPX this past weekend and gave them to my dear friends. As a bonus I hand-colored all the covers for some bizarre reason

SPX was wonderful as usual. Congratulations to the Ignatz nominees and winners! I picked up a ton of books & zines, and I’ll enjoy reading them over the next few weeks.

The first 3 Sex Fantasy zines are tagged here, so you can read them if you missed them the first time around.

please read this it just made and ruined my day

panel, Goddess Temple exterior



taking the digital comics world by force!  felony comics #1 is currently the 39th top selling digital comic on comixology.com comixology!


night burgers #1 is doing pretty good too!

get ‘em both here: https://www.comixology.com/Negative-Pleasure-Publications/comics-publisher/3127-0

or in print: http://negativepleasure.storenvy.com (night burgers #1 shipping very soon!)

for reference, we’re outselling books by dc and marvel.  big ups to petetoms b-m-f-u lalewestvind voidpie traditionalcomics adactivity ballandcone amyofdarkness thankyouvictor joshfreydkis joshburggraf anthonymeloro menutnutnut comixology and everyone else who helped make these comics possible!

Hell yes

Marlon Brando + Larry King kiss in front of confused soldiers,
Tiananmen Square


Work in progress
Some panels

Billboard(?) intruding in a forest


Crossposting from twitter updates on the nature of our world and who owns what

This is from the first episode of SOFTX-RAY from some time ago, the first comic I ever colored on a computer.  It was in Chromazoid 2 and in the collected SoftX-ray/MINDHUNTERS but not sure how many people saw it.

At this very moment I am drawing the direct continuation of this comic and am thinking about it and wanted to share it.  All of it, new SoftX-ray/Mindhunters stuff as well as the old stuff will hopefully all be collected and published in some future date, look at the internet for more info eventually.

Thank you for looking at the internet.

here are two random pages from a comic from 3 yrs ago, I dunno, just found ‘em


I have in my possession some physical copies of JUNIOR DETECTIVE FILES

Just arrived, 

will have a limited number of them for sale tomorrow at paperjamfest 

Will also have them at Bergen St. Comics on the 20th

And also you can order them here if you’re not gonna be around 

Thanks to slongo for making it all happen

sorry for the bad cell pic but it’s aesthetically correct

Love ya