That weasel looking dude from inception plays the title role of “Looper”, a minor enemy from the 2000 Sega Dreamcast game “Skies of Arcadia.”  Bruce Willis is in it as like a robotic pirate ship from an amusement park, or something.  Lots of in camera editing tricks that make people appear and disappear during a picnic in the Utah desert.  A future city scape full of real advertisements;  Advertisements before, during, and after the movie.  Lots of cool gun fights and harmonica solos.  5hr running time.

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  2. critischism said: so many things wrong with that movie but man it had potential and the director just ruined it. its like he and another guy had the same idea for a premise and to make sure the other guy didnt do it first he just made this vague future dystopia
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  4. jeremymdaly said: I liked that movie, but why did David Spade keep trying to kill his dad?
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