You can go there and read it.  You will be able to read the continuing story over the next few months.

You know Study Group comic books right?  It’s a cool online comics thing.  You probably already know about Zack Soto’s Secret Voice, and Deforge’s Incinerator, also new stuff by Renee French;  I’m also into The Yankee by Leivian and Macewan, as well as Pat Keck’s Peepers (which is kind of unlike any comic I have ever seen) and August Lipp’s Something About Turtles And The Cosmos which is beautiful.

Yeah man.  Please go read Mighty Star and tell me what you think.  Spread the word.  Tell your friends to read it.  Tell a bunch of animals to read it and if they break eye contact and start scratching themselves or drinking out of their water dish, just tell them again, but louder.  Also please tell me about it in the event that I lose my memory, or if you find someone on the street who looks like me, and can take my place in the event that I am ever condemned to hanging.  

Please read this comic, and thanks to everyone involved who gave/gives me feedback, advice, and spiritual support.


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